Survey of laser systems and their indications.

We would like to give you an explicit survey on applications in the fields of ophthalmology, dentology and neurosurgery. For each field of application, we will show you the suitable laser system.


The Iccy 980 was developed for the usage in the neurosurgery with focus on Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD) and the laser denervation. In modern neurosurgery, laser technology is applied when complicated and difficult interventions are called for and a gentle treatment is needed. Indications are painful changes of the intervertrebal disc, for example slipped disc, distortion or abrasion.


The Iccy 2.9 is predesigned for various applications in microsurgical ophthalsurgery. Developed for a maximum of operation safety, the laser concept was tuned in such a mode that no cavitations occur. An easy and smooth treatment is given for glaucoma as well.


The Iccy 810 is a medical diode laser system for applications in the field of dentology. Furthermore, the diode laser executes the cutting-edge multiresistent Photo Dynamic Therapy aPDT. Followed by classical thermal modes of therapy like incisions, excisions, vaporisations, surgery and bleaching as much as Low-Level Biostimulation Therapy.


Whoever decides to purchase one of our laser systems, can rely on a longterm professional service.


Factual information on medical issues are prepared and displayed for the target. We consider private practice and patients’ interests. Our data are always up to date and can be called up directly.


The patient is in our focus. By further developed and optimized laser systems, surgery methods become gentle in order to prevent risks of any kind.


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