Better options for chronic back pain.

In modern neurosurgery, laser technology is applied when complicated and difficult interventions are called for and a gentle treatment is needed. Indications are painful changes of the intervertrebal disc, for example slipped disc, distortion or abrasion.

When backbone infections or processes of infection occur, pain can be limited to the bone structures themselves or spread to the roots of the nerves. With Iccy 980, a significant pain reduction can be achieved for more than 70% of patients. So far there have been no complications such as infections, mechanical or thermical damages of the nerves’ roots.

Laser Interventions: Healing light rays for eye diseases.

The laser can no longer be ignored in the fields of ophthalmology. Precisely, it cuts, grinds and welds. Up to now laser technology has healed uncountable eye diseases. Every second laser is in the service of ophthalmology. The Iccy 2.9 is optimized for these indications and often the laser of choice.

The most frequent reason for the cataract is the aging process of the human-being when the eye lenses hardens and unclears. A cataract can also be triggered by UV-sun-rays or after-effects of other diseases. Handicaps of vision are manifested by a distorted or a cloudy, low-contrasted perception. The Iccy 2.9 was developed for such a purpose. In comparison to basic surgery, the eyes’ stress is minimized while the pre- and postoperative actions are being less invasive and throughout positive.

The glaucoma has many different “faces”: The most common glaucoma disease is given by an increase of intraocular pressure cause by a bad drainage of the aqueous liquid. This disruption makes the intraocular pressure rise which leads to a circulatory disorder. As time goes by visual nerves are being irreversibly damaged and the patient should be treated as soon as possible. With the help of special units of application in combination with Iccy 2.9, the intraocular pressure can be lowered sustainably and restore balance in a minimal invasive way.

Gentle and effective methods of treatment for patients.

The Iccy 810 dental laser was developed according to state of the art technology and latest medical findings.

It offers mild treatments and furthers the healing process.

Our dental laser is suitable for following indications and therapies:

  • Surgery: Treatment of abscesses and cysts
  • Endodontia: Reduction of germs in the endo channel
  • Paradontology:Reduction of germs in the gingiva pockets
  • Bleaching: More gentle to teeth, white brilliant teeth
  • Therapy: Pain, herpes, dressing of wounds, temporomandibular joints, aphthous ulcers


Whoever decides to purchase one of our laser systems, can rely on a longterm professional service.


Factual information on medical issues are prepared and displayed for the target. We consider private practice and patients’ interests. Our data are always up to date and can be called up directly.


The patient is in our focus. By further developed and optimized laser systems, surgery methods become gentle in order to prevent risks of any kind.


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