The complete variety of Laser diode systems

The laser diode systems of our product range make a statement of flexibility. The variety of adaption possibilities are worth being mentioned for a better fitting into your specific needs in practice.

Mounting and Transport

Flex Lift Stand – Ready for the needs of tomorrow.

ArtNo.: 450100001

Easily position your Iccy diode laser for maximum comfort. Embedded with patented motion technology, this stand enables light-touch adjustments without any knobs or levers. Fully weight-adjustable desk stand accommodates your Iccy diode laser.

Interactive Arm – No more awkward viewing angles.

ArtNo.: 450100085

Effortlessly move your Iccy diode laser into multiple positions with only one light touch! Your Iccy seemingly floats on air, being easily adjusted between standing and seating heights. Lift, swing or turn it in any direction.

New perspectives for comfortable “Sky-Mounting” work.

ArtNo.: 450100058

The complete set is most suitable for the ceiling suspension of your Iccy-model. The rack is adjustable in height. By this addition, the frequent usage of Sky-Mounting in practice can be carried out easily. The highly innovative concept of installation enables the viewer to look straight up during treatment.

Close to the patient and efficient – Easy medical handling.

ArtNo.: 450100031

The medical cart is the convenient addition for your Iccy-model. The autolocking cart enables simple, convenient-to-patient and efficient non-controlled storage of laser accessories. In addition, this easy-to-maneuver and ergonomic quipment cart features sit-to-stand height adjustment. Independent screen positioning and an adjustable back-tilt tray widen the functions of this amazing innovative and ergonomic medical cart.

Convenient and Lightweight – Absolute Mobility for your Laser.

ArtNo.: 440100045

Due to the compact and lightweight folding stand you will reach a high level of mobility. With its non-slip surfaces your Iccy laser gets a firm and secure stand. The slope of the folding stand allows a perfect view on the laser monitor. The ergonomically curved stand is an ideal complement to any laser model

Safe transport - anytime, anywhere.

ArtNo.: 480010002

The Iccy Trolley allows secure transport or storage of your laser. With its flexible handle it is reliable even at high load and easy to transport. Due to its spacious interior the Trolley is ideal for a mobile treatment station. In the specially prepared storage space you can assemble all essential tools such as fibers, handpieces, footswitch and savety goggles. Your Iccy laser is perfectly protected against impact and damage.

Handpieces and Fibers

Fiber system 400mic with collimating handpiece

ArtNo.: 450120005

Handpiece, for Bare Fiber, autoclavable

ArtNo.: 450110006

Tip 200/320mic, autoclavable

ArtNo.: 450110007

Disposable tips

ArtNo.: 450110005

PLDD-Set., sterile

ArtNo.: 450120006

Dental Bare Fiber 200mic, 5 x autoclav., sterile

ArtNo.: 450120001

Dental Bare Fiber 320mic, 5 x autoclav., sterile

ArtNo.: 450120003

Surgical Bare Fiber 200mic, 5 x autoclav., sterile

ArtNo.: 450120002

Surgical Bare Fiber 320mic, 5 x autoclav., sterile

ArtNo.: 450120004

Laser Safety

Protective goggles

ArtNo.: 450110001

Protective goggles for animals

ArtNo.: 45011000

Laser warning sign

ArtNo.: 450110004

Other Equipment

Foot switch

ArtNo.: 440100037

Iccy White Bleaching Set

ArtNo.: 450110010

Ceramic Scissors

ArtNo.: 450110003

Cable reel 20m

ArtNo.: 450110008


Whoever decides to purchase one of our laser systems, can rely on a longterm professional service.


Factual information on medical issues are prepared and displayed for the target. We consider private practice and patients’ interests. Our data are always up to date and can be called up directly.


The patient is in our focus. By further developed and optimized laser systems, surgery methods become gentle in order to prevent risks of any kind.


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