Convincing quality of treatment – Laser is the system of choice

Laser applications have led to a new quality of treatment in ophthalmology. Many hospitals and surgeries are already well equipped. The systems of first choice are our modern laser systems like the Presbycure or the Iccy 2.9. Microsurgical precision and a good survey enable bloodless treatment and thus a remarkably reduced postoperative swelling for a very short period of healing and recovery.

Iccy 810 - Releasing pressure in the most easiest way.

Transscleral diode laser cyclophotocoagulation (CPC) has been established as long-term, effective intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering procedure for many types of glaucoma patients.

Iccy 2.9 – The effective Allrounder.

The Erbium Laser Iccy 2.9 is predestined for the most miscellaneous applications in microsurgical opthalmo surgery. As developed for maximum gentle surgery operations, the laser does not produce cavitation.

Presbycure – The gentle Multitasker.

One major point of the latest generation in refractive surgery with the Argonflourid Excimer Laser Presbycure is manifested in its broad field of therapy. German wide, the Presbycure is developed and produced in co-operation...


Whoever decides to purchase one of our laser systems, can rely on a longterm professional service.


Factual information on medical issues are prepared and displayed for the target. We consider private practice and patients’ interests. Our data are always up to date and can be called up directly.


The patient is in our focus. By further developed and optimized laser systems, surgery methods become gentle in order to prevent risks of any kind.


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