The Highlights of minimal invasive Laser Therapy.

Presbycure – The gentle Multitasker.

One major point of the latest generation in refractive surgery with the Argonflourid Excimer Laser Presbycure is manifested in its broad field of therapy. German wide, the Presbycure is developed and produced in co-operation with leading refractive centers and a team of experts with longterm medical experience. The Excimer Laser comes with an ergonomically optimized control unit with an intuitive operator guidance supporting the user in every single step of therapy to minimize possible risks of maloperation. The patient benefits from the shortest possible treatment time and a faster success of healing.

Various Options of Treatment - Unmatched Quality

Besides typical methods of treatment like LASIK, LASEK and PRK, the Presbycure offers a variety of therapeutic methods like EROSIO, Cornea stabilization (Keratokonus-Therapy), PTK and Smoothing. By application of diffractive elements, an up to now unmatched quality of the spot profile is achieved. The resulting Gauss’ian Multispot beam ablates the cornea surface faster and integratedly. Unique in the world, a smooth, uniform and homogeneous ablation is the result of treatment. Patients profit from shortest treatments and a gentle process of treatment

Presbycure: Technical Data

Working Beam:

Laser source:
Coherent Compex 102
193 nm
Max. energy:
200 mJ
Repetition rate:
5-20 Hz
Pulse duration:
23 ns
Spot size:
2.7 to 7.0 mm
Pulse energy

48 mJ / cm ²
Type of ablation:
Gauss`ian multispot
230 VAC 50 Hz

2.5 kVA
350 Kg
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech,
Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew
Made in Germany



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