Veterinary Medicine

Iccy VET – Versatility at your hand.

The 9-lingual laser can be mounted with practical support systems. Thus, depending on space requirements, always an optimal position for the laser can be found. For the treatment of farm animals the Iccy VET may be integrated with its accessories in a trolley. Optimum ergonomics, intuitive operation guarantee a concentrated and relaxed working environment. Flexible mounting systems and a large, clear 10.4” display provide an ideal working environment and maximum usability.

Iccy VET - A whole different Animal.

The Diode Laser System Iccy VET offers a large spectrum of therapies in veterinary medicine. From pet to livestock, from koi carp, bird to reptile, Iccy VET is the ideal tool for you.

Iccy VET+ - The clever advantage.

The proper device for even larger spectrum of therapeutic and surgical purposes in veterinary medicine. Its wavelength of 980nm provides an excellent hemostasis and a perfect...

Iccy VET² - The innovative Dual Wavelenght Veterinary Laser System

Iccy VET² provides a variety of applications due to its two different wavelengths. Using 980nm with a better absorption in water and melanin...


Whoever decides to purchase one of our laser systems, can rely on a longterm professional service.


Factual information on medical issues are prepared and displayed for the target. We consider private practice and patients’ interests. Our data are always up to date and can be called up directly.


The patient is in our focus. By further developed and optimized laser systems, surgery methods become gentle in order to prevent risks of any kind.


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